The police department of this city shall consist of a chief of police and such number of regular law enforcement officers as shall be appointed as provided by K.S.A. 15-204 and amendments thereto.

(Code 1988))

(a)   The chief of police shall at all times have power to make or order an arrest, with proper process, for any offense against the laws of the state, or of the city, and to arrest without process in all cases where any such offense shall be committed or attempted to be committed in his or her presence. The chief of police shall execute all processes issued by the municipal judge and delivered to him or her for that purpose.

(b)   Whenever any person is arrested for any violation of a traffic ordinance for which a written notice to appear and a cash appearance bond is by ordinance authorized and provided and such person is not given an immediate hearing before the police judge, the chief of police shall prepare and make such disposition of such written notice to appear as shall be provided by ordinance. The chief of police may also require any person arrested for any such violation and under such circumstances to post a cash bond in the manner and in the amount and for the offenses prescribed by such ordinance. Whenever any such person shall have given his or her written promise to appear upon the written notice to appear and shall have posted the required cash bond, if any, the chief of police shall forthwith release the person arrested from custody.

(c)   The assistant chief of police of the city shall have the same power as is conferred upon the chief of police in subsections (a) and (b) of this section.

(C.O. No. 1, Secs. 2:4; Code 1988; Code 2015)

It shall be the general duty of all sworn law enforcement personnel to the best of their ability to preserve good order, peace and quiet throughout the city as provided by law or ordinance.

All sworn law enforcement personnel shall at all times have power to make arrest under proper process or without process on view of any offense against the laws of the State of Kansas or laws of the city and to keep all persons so arrested, unless admitted to bail, in the county jail or other proper place to prevent their escape until their trial can be had before the proper officer.

All persons arrested for violation of any law of the state and who shall not be charged with an offense under any law of the city shall be released to the custody of the sheriff of the county and such arrest shall be reported to the county attorney.  

(Code 1988)

The chief of police shall have power to make such rules and regulations as may be necessary for the proper and efficient conduct of the department. Such rules and regulations shall be approved by the governing body.

(Code 1988)